How To Accessorise Your Business Suit

Business suits can be boring and repetitive after a few wears. You can mix and match shirts and ties, but there are only so many combinations available. If you want to avoid boredom and feeling like you are wearing the same thing every day, you need to learn how to accessorise your tailor made suits in brisbane to add a more touch of your personality.

Have A Pocket Square

A pocket square is a great accessory that changes the appearance of your suit without needing a lot of work. When you choose your pocket square, you should look for a bright and colourful design. The colours of the pocket square should complement your tie, but not match it.

If you feel that bold colours are not right for your work environment, you can refold the pocket square into different shapes. There are a lot of traditional forms that you can use that are as eye-catching as bright colours. Fortunately, you do not have to be a master of origami to fold pocket squares, and there are many easy to follow tutorials online.

Wear A Seasonal Scarf

A scarf is not only a must in the winter months, but it is a great way to accessorise your suit. There are different ways to tie your scarf that can bring out the lines of your outfit. If you do not need the veil to stay warm, you can drape it over your shoulders instead.

This accessory can be used in the warm months as well. At these times, you should choose a lighter material and paler colours. If possible, you can swap your tie for the scarf in the summer to feel less restricted.

An Elegant Watch

A lot of men do not realise that their watch is their main accessory, and it can very easily complement your business suit. The problem is that men’s watches have a reputation for being expensive or unappealing. This is not true, and you can get an elegant watch for a fraction of the imagined price.

Every price range has elegant watches, but you do need to take the time to look for them. When looking at watches, you will find that even the most renowned watchmakers will have affordable options. It is recommended that you look for a timeless piece and not choose the popular choice. This ensures your accessory can be used for many years to come without any issues.

Wear A Tie Bar-Or Clip

Tie clips are something that many men associate with formal occasions, but they can be used as an accessory for work attire. A unique or fun tie clip can add some style, colour and humour to your business suit. When choosing a tie clip, you need to match it with as many of your suits as possible.

There are many accessories you can use to liven up your business suit. To accessorise, you can use a pocket square or a tie clip. Seasonal scarves and an elegant watch can also add something new and fun to your business suit.