The Basics Of Using Jewellery For Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a terrific way to show your customers, suppliers and employees that you value them. However, before you rush off to buy something shiny for everyone connected to your business, you need to know the basics of this. You have to consider if you can use jewellery based on corporate policies and you need to study the type of jewellery you should be getting.

The Corporate Policies

If you are going to be using jewellery as a corporate gift to customers and suppliers, you will have to look at their corporate policies first. Many companies have limitations on the type of corporate gifts their employees can accept. This is done to stop fraud and any bribes which might come as a corporate gift. The policy might state that the company or employees are not able to accept presents over a set value or that they are not able to receive any gifts.

If the company does not allow gifts over a set value, you will have to be very careful with the jewellery that you buy. The cost of the jewellery will need to be low enough to qualify under the policy but be valuable enough to show your regard suitably. If there is a value set in the guidelines, it might be easier to not use jewellery as your corporate gift.

Choosing The Right Jewellery

Once you have checked the corporate policy or if you are only providing jewellery gifts to your employees, you need to choose the right jewellery. Many people assume that jewellery as a corporate gift is only applicable to women, but there are many different items that you can give to men as well. What you need to focus on is the type of jewellery that you are offering.

If you are giving jewellery as a corporate gift to a man, you should look at cufflinks and tie clips. Both of these items can be customised as needed and will be something that they will use. These items can also be purchased at a reasonable price which ensures that they meet corporate policies regarding value.

If you are giving jewellery as a corporate gift to a woman, you should avoid rings and earrings. Pendants and bracelets are recommended instead. As with cufflinks and tie clips, pendants can be customised as needed, but this could be harder to do with bracelets.

The Customisation

Customising the jewellery that you give as a corporate gift will add something special to it. Obviously, care must be taken with to choose the right customisation. If you are giving the gifts to people in the legal profession, you might want to include imagery which is linked to this such as the scales of justice.

Another way of customising the jewellery is to have something related to your company on it. This is not as easy to do as with other corporate gifts such as mugs. You need to be careful that you do not compromise anything.