What are therapeutic chew necklaces? What are they used for?

Chewing on items like pencil, hair, fingers, and toys is a common symptom of children with autism. This is because people with autism often seek out oral stimulation. Some children have mild chewing needs, while others are serious biters in which they can even bend metal with their teeth. 

Chewing helps children to relieve their stress as well; it allows them to stay calm. However, the process of chewing something, especially hard items, can be intrusive and can damage their teeth or gums. Also, putting objects on their mouth can be unsanitary. It can also lead to putting stains on their clothes. On top of that, they are likely to end up running objects in your home or school.

If you have a child who is constantly looking for an object to satisfy their need to chew, there are a variety of sensory chew toys available for your child that are safe and effective. One of these is therapeutic chew necklaces.

Chew necklaces are chew toys that come in fabric and food-grade silicone with a holder that can be worn as necklaces to avoid losing the chew toy. Sensory chew toys like z vibe can be found in any shape, colour, thickness, softness, size and characters too. Your child may not like a shark designed chew necklace, but he may like the one with a lion design.

While sensory chew toys help a child to calm down and reduce anxiety, what are the other benefits of chew toys?

Improve focus

This can be observed in the classroom, therapy sessions and even in community activities. Chewing can help some individuals to pay attention and concentrate. When their focus is improved, you can also see improvements in their motor skills and skills.

Boost their mood

As mentioned above, chewing sensory toys can help children to help themselves stay calm and soothe themselves. As a result, their meltdowns and tantrums decrease and instead show a more positive attitude. Sensory chew toys can help children when they are anxious, overwhelmed or bored. Autistic children who wear sensory chew necklaces tend to feel good internally and are happier.

Decrease anxiety

Being anxious is already common for children with autism. Anxiety tends to be the heavy reason why children find the need to chew. They find chewing as a way to lessen their anxiety and become happy.

Improve social skills

Since chewing on sensory items helps children not to become anxious and relieve stress, they tend to be more comfortable with themselves even if they are in a crowd. Chewing can help them feel more relaxed in a social setting and engage in interaction with other kids.

Strengthen facial muscles and oral motor

A sensory chew toy can be beneficial to those who are needing to strengthen their facial muscles and to those who are needing an oral motor workout. By chewing on sensory toys, their tongue coordination is strengthened as well as their jaw and lip closure. This can help improve their speech, eating and drinking. And since children are exposed to the different texture of sensory chew toys, this can help reduce food aversions.

Chewing can be helpful to your child. Therefore, you only need to use therapeutic chew toys with safe materials that are approved for children’s use. Whether you have a boy or a girl that needs a sensory chew toy, there are many options available for sensory chew necklaces that your child can wear anywhere you go. Wearing the chew toy like a necklace can make it easier for your child to get hold of it whenever they get upset, sad, frustrated or nervous.